Hyper Crypt 2.0

Hyper Crypt is back and better than ever before. Hyper Crypt 2.0 is a massive update that brings:

  • An overhauled cryptographic engine and a large amount of bug fixes that make encryption and decryption more stable and secure than ever before.

  • Redesigned file and folder encryption systems make encrypting and decrypting files and folders far easier and far smoother. It is now a lot more clear which files are encrypted and which are not. The new encryption system also includes an advanced multiple encryption system that allows easy encryption and decryption of files that have been encrypted more than once.

  • Revamped text encryption delivering far greater security.

  • A new tool, Hyper Shred. With it you can securely delete files and folders, making them virtually unrecoverable.

  • A large amount of usability and aesthetic improvements, from improved drag and drop support, to improved fonts.

  • A multitude of bug and crash fixes make Hyper Crypt the most stable and smooth it has ever been.

  • And much more…

Tools Included

tools included
Hyper Crypt is the main tool in the application, and enables advanced, military-grade AES-256 file and folder encryption. It also offers intuitive support for multiple encryption, allowing you to encrypt your data more than once, leading to much greater security.

Phrase Crypt enables ultra-strong text encryption using AES-256, RSA (2048-16384 bits), and One-time pad. It is great for quickly encrypting sensitive data and for securely communicating information through text.

The Key Generator is simple, yet powerful. It allows you to generate very strong keys/passwords for use in Hyper Crypt, on the web, or anywhere else. The Key Generator can also generate Unicode keys/passwords, which are stronger than usual (ASCII) keys. Furthermore, it allows the generation of RSA key pairs for use in Phrase Crypt, and HCK (Hyper Crypt Key) files, which serve to greatly improve encryption strength.

Hyper Hash is a powerful hashing tool. With it you can verify the integrity of any data, by generating hashes for text, files, and even entire folder structures. Hyper Hash supports MD5, SHA-1, SHA-256, SHA-384, SHA-512, HMAC-SHA-256, HMAC-SHA-384, and HMAC-SHA-512 hashes.

Hyper Shred enables the secure deletion of files and entire folders by using alternating zero and pseudorandom data overwriting, making data virtually unrecoverable.